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1.) Is it okay to use the icons/layout outside LJ?
- Sure. Just don't forget to credit. :)

2.) How do I credit if I use them outside LJ?
- Linking back to the_candy_box will do. If you're using icons in forums, type the_candy_box @ LJ or tinseltown16 @ LJ somewhere in your signature. ^^

3.) Do you take requests?
- Not on a regular basis. It basically depends on how busy I am. I take forever to make stuff. >.< I'll definitely announce it if I do but I'll probably take limited number of requests... maybe just the first 10 people~ XD

4.) Can I use your layout but use a different header image?
- Sure. But please credit me for the codes. :)

5.) How do I modify the size of the layout to match with the image I want to use?
- To change the width of the body, look for this part in the css codes:

#content {
width: XXXpx;

Modify dimensions to match the width of your header.

6.) Do you make layouts for blogger/other non-LJ blogs?
- Nope, sorry. >< I'm not familiar with how other blogs' codings work. XD

7.) I remember joining but how come I can't see locked posts?
- I think you friended the comm but didn't join it.

The difference is, if you only friend/watch the comm you'll see public updates in your friends page but you won't have access to locked posts. Now if you join the comm without friending/watching it, you won't see updates in your f-page (which is fine if you're a member of comms like rising__sun, dbsk_daily, and dongbangshinki because I usually cross-post~ XD) but you'll have access to all entries anyway.

So, yeah... if you want to see locked posts, click HERE to join. :)

8.) Do I spot Junsu bias?
- Oh yes you do! 8D lool. Sorry, the muse loves the guy, I can't help it. XD But I love the others too! ^-^

9.) Why do you lock posts?
- Because there have been too many instances of people not crediting properly or posting my icons in forums and taking the credit for themselves. With how cyberspace works, I know it's impossible to completely monitor these things. Locking posts is a way for me to somehow impose some degree of control.

10.) Can I modify your graphics?
- You may use the GIFs, but please don't modify the icons (animated and non-animated), headers, FOBs, and wallpapers.
Misc: the little predator

Candies, anyone? =D

Hello hello! You have found The Candy Box, tinseltown16's house of goodies. =D

Just a few simple rules:

♥ Please credit when taking anything.

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It's not so hard. ^^,

♥ This is more of a warning than a rule... I ship YooSu/YunJae/HoSu/JaeSu/MinSu/JaeMin/YunChun, so you can expect to see some of that here (mostly YooSu, actually XD). If you don't like them, then either stay far away or go ahead and have a look, but kill the urge to bash. Alrighty? ^^,

♥ Lastly, comments are very much appreciated. =D