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Candies, anyone? =D

Hello hello! You have found The Candy Box, tinseltown16's house of goodies. =D

Just a few simple rules:

♥ Please credit when taking anything.

When taking ICONS:


You may use them anywhere else too (forums, etc.), but please credit tinseltown16 or the_candy_box.

When taking HEADERS, type this in your Profile page:

Header by: <lj user="the_candy_box">   or   Header by: <lj user="tinseltown16">

When taking LAYOUTS, type this in your Profile page:

Layout by: <lj user="the_candy_box">   or   Layout by: <lj user="tinseltown16">

When taking FOBs, type this below the FOB (or in your profile ^^):

FOB by: <lj user="the_candy_box">   or   FOB by: <lj user="tinseltown16">

It's not so hard. ^^,

♥ This is more of a warning than a rule... I ship YooSu/YunJae/HoSu/JaeSu/MinSu/JaeMin/YunChun, so you can expect to see some of that here (mostly YooSu, actually XD). If you don't like them, then either stay far away or go ahead and have a look, but kill the urge to bash. Alrighty? ^^,

♥ Lastly, comments are very much appreciated. =D
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